Membership Benefits

Membership in the American Primrose Society comes with many perks:


  • Being part of a great Primula community
  • One of the finest Primula seed exchanges
  • Primroses Journal four times a year
  • Annual National Primrose Show
  • Member website access
  • Slide and CD Library priveledges
  • Sharing your interest in primroses
  • Learning more about primroses
  • Developing friendships and more!


Join our membership by using the relevant PayPal button.  This is the most convenient, least expensive and most secure method of payment (No extra charges, no mailing costs, no need for checks or money orders). Alternatively, you can use our Membership Renewal/Application Form (PDF file) to pay by check or money order (US funds).  Send the form to:

Jon Kawaguchi
APS Membership/Treasurer
3524 Bowman Ct
Alameda, CA 94502




USA and Canada:

___ Annual membership: US$25

___ Three years membership: US$70


International Membership:

___ Annual membership: US$32

___ Three years membership: US$90


Sustaining Membership: US$100 per year (or any amount over $100)


Gift Membership: US$25 per year

A card with your name will be sent.

For Christmas a special holiday card with your name will be sent by Dec 15.


Donation: The society greatly appreciates the support of donors.  As the society is run almost entirely by volunteers, donations are used directly to pay for the printing and publication of the quarterly, to run the website, to pay for the hire of premises for the National Show, etc. 


Annual Membership Renewals are due November 15th and are delinquent at the first of the year.



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