Grocery Store Primroses

Additional Comment: Growing "Supermarket Primroses" in the Pacific North-West

In the previous article Judy is writing about her experiences living in the eastern US.  As she says, these store-bought primroses are not bred for the garden, and quickly disappear when placed outside in her part of the world.

The case is quite different in milder regions such as southern England, or the Pacific states and British Columbia in North America.   I have found that many of these gems do survive here (BC), especially in milder winters, if you harden them off gradually (leaving them outside a little longer day by day).  After all, they are descended, probably in the most part, from Primula vulgaris, which is as tough as nails in many climates.

In my previous garden near Vancouver, BC I found that the blue ones were the longest-lived, lasting for three, four or five years in the ground, though other colors were also "good doers".

If late winter and spring temperatures in your region average around minus 2 or 3 Centigrade, and do not usually fall below minus 10 degrees Centigrade, why not try putting some of these lovely flowers in an experimental patch of your garden next spring?


Michael Plumb

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