Double Primroses - Double Primroses Currently (2011) Available

The following two photos are of double primroses purchased in March 2011 in the Pacific Northwest (Vancouver Island).  they are not only glorious doubles, but also jack-in-the-greens!  They are currently patented (PP16365 and PP16373 respectively).



Below is a list of other doubles available in this part of the world (Washington State and British Columbia).  They have been around for a number of years, and have generally proven themselves reliable, though some are definitely stronger than others.  In the experience of this writer, two which are good doers are 'April Rose' and 'Dawn Ansell'.  I have given a source at the end of the list.


'April Rose' - Lovely dark pink; relatively strong

'Blue Sapphire' - Pale purple-blue

'Corporal Baxter' - Red

'Dawn Ansell' - A 'Jack-in-the-green' double.  Has been a very good 'doer'

'Eugenie' - Blue

'Freckles' - Red with, yes, freckles!

'Ken Dearman' - Apricot / pink mixture

'Lilian Harvey' - Lovely fuschia-pink

'Marianne Davey' - Cream

'Marie Crousse' - An old variety. Pale purple-pink. There is a double auricula with the same name.

'Miss Indigo' - Blue with dotted white lacing, extremely attractive but somewhat difficult

'Paragon' - Pink with bronze leaves

'Quaker's Bonnet' - Pink. A very old variety

'Red Giant' - Its name says it.

'Red Velvet'

'Rosetta Red' - Dark red with some lacing

'Sue Jervis' - Pale flesh-pink

'Sunshine Susie' - Stunning bright yellow

'Val Horncastle' - Lovely pale yellow.


These doubles are all available from Heritage Perennials (alias 'Valleybrook' in some areas) in 2011.

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