The 2018 Election

This year the positions of all four officers are up for election: President, Vice-President, Treasurer and Secretary.  At present there is one candidate for each position:

President: Rhondda Porter (one year)

Vice-president: Elizabeth Lawson (two years)

Treasurer: Jon Kawaguchi (two years)

Secretary: Michael Plumb (one year)

All bios are available here.

To avoid the possibility in future of all four officers ending their terms at the same time, two of the candidates have offered to stand for just a one-year term instead of the usual two-year period.

In addition, as usual the terms of two of our directors will come to an end at the AGM this May.  The directors this time are Amy Olmsted and Ed Buyarski. Amy and Ed will be standing for re-election.

Although at present there is only one candidate for each of the six posts, the membership is encouraged to submit nominations for any of the posts. If you know a member of the American Primrose Society who is able and willing to stand for one of these positions, please write his or her name in the appropriate place on the ballot.  PLEASE NOTE:  The person who nominates and the person nominated must both be members in good standing of the American Primrose Society.

Briefly, directors’ duties consist of the following: promote the love and knowledge of Primula; be familiar with the APS constitution; attend four online meetings a year; join one or more of the board committees (seed exchange, editorial, membership, website, Face Book, or any ad hoc committee); contribute at least one article to the quarterly or the website during their term (The article can be quite short).  The term is three years.

A fuller description of directors’ duties is given on this website.

There are two ways to obtain the ballot.  You may either complete the ballot included with the Spring issue of the quarterly, or alternatively you can COPY THE BALLOT HERE. Please mail it to the address at the bottom of the ballot form.

This year, please submit your vote by April 25th.  Results will be announced at the AGM in May, and published in the Summer Quarterly.

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