Introduction to the Current Issue

 Vol 75, Issue No. 1 (Winter 2017)



The View from Here by Michael Plumb ..... 3
Treatise on the Auricula, excerpts by Maedythe Martin ..... 5
National Show......9
APS Quarterlies for 75 years online .....11
Barbara Blyth .....12
A Promise of Spring..... 14
Harvey Wrightman ..... 20
Hardiness Zones ..... 21
Cultural Notes from Peter Klein, recorded by Hazel Keller ..... 22
Viability of Primula Seed by Jay Lunn ..... 25
Chapter Reports..... 26
Minutes of the Board Meeting..... 28
Officers of the Chapters ..... 31


The View from Here

Michael Plumb, APS Secretary and Website Manager


During these dark days of winter, why not cheer yourself up by going to the website and browsing through 240 back issues of the Quarterly, dating from 1943 to 2013, available to you without the need for a password. That’s 70 years’ worth of observations, tips and pictures about Primula, enough to see you through to spring and beyond!


If you have just joined the society, not only do you receive this first paper issue (the one you are reading right now), but as a member you also have simultaneous access to the eleven other most recent issues in electronic form on the website, which is a pretty good deal for the cost of membership! Just contact me for your user name and password by clicking on ‘webmaster’ at the bottom of the Home Page. Be warned - it may take me a day or two to get back to you - much repotting to do! And make sure you have the latest version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, which you can download free from the internet.


The website is also a gateway to the society’s Facebook page, which is available to everyone, both members and nonmembers.


There is another benefit regarding the Quarterly which you may not be aware of. Every three months we wait eagerly for our copy
of the Primroses Quarterly to arrive in the mail. Our editor sends each new issue to the printer in electronic form by email and at  the same time sends it to me for uploading to the website. The paper copy has to be printed, addressed and then mailed out, all of which takes time, whereas the electronic copy I receive can be posted on the website in a flash! There are no delays due to bad weather, postal strikes, or whatever! So why not ask me for your codes and take advantage of this benefit?


Recently, I deleted the names of everyone who had not logged into the website since December 2015. I did this to gain a much better idea of the use, or rather under-use, of this benefit to APS members. Only 76 members have logged into the member-only areas this year, 2016. Their names remain. If you find you are blocked and can’t log in, please contact me (‘webmaster’) and I will send you a new user name and password. You can also contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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