Introduction to the Current Issue

 Vol 76, Issue No. 1 (Winter 2018)


The View from Here by Rhondda Porter.....3

The Intuitive Gardener by Anne Hogue.....4

Chapter Reports.....6

NAPS by Maedythe Martin.....8

Rodney Barker by Judith Sellers.....9

Primula in Sikkim by Jeanie Jones.....11

Considering the Candelabras by M. Martin.....21

Share your Morning Coffee by Jay Lunn.....24

Biographies for the Ballot.....25

Minutes of the Board Meeting.....28

Officers of the Chapters.....31


The View from Here

by Rhondda Porter, Vice-President and Acting President

By now all those seeds you ordered from our annual Seed Exchange are probably sitting in their seedling mix waiting to send up promising little shoots.  No matter what kind of Primulas you have been are growing, there will always be something else you see growing or hear about that you just have to have.  Since many of the more exotic and rarer species of Primulas are not found in nurseries, our Seed Exchange is your chance to grow them yourself.  Apart from the pride of growing your own plants from seed, you also have the opportunity to share them with other Primula lovers.

In this issue of the Quarterly you will find a ballot and short biographies of the people who are standing for election.  You don’t have to mail in the ballot to vote.  You can also vote online by sending an email with your choices to the webmaster.  Click on the ‘webmaster’ link on the APS homepage.  If you want to nominate someone for one of the positions, it isn’t too late.  You must get the agreement of your nominee and they will need to supply a short biography.  Send this bio to the webmaster for posting on the APS website.  This person then becomes a “write-in candidate” on the ballot. 

To make our society a success we need people to continue to offer their time and talents by agreeing to serve on the Board, by writing articles, by organizing shows, by running the Seed Exchange, and by donating to the society.  We aren’t all experts, but we all share a love of some of the more than 400 species in the genus Primula, even if we aren’t always successful in growing them.

One of the many people who have contributed to the APS is Alan Lawrence.  Alan resigned from the board last year, after serving as President for the past eight years. Despite leaving the Board, Alan has agreed to continue managing the printing and mailing of the Quarterly, a not insignificant undertaking.  Thanks, Alan.

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