APS Judging Standards (provisional)


for a national American Primrose Society show

held by an affiliated society approved by the APS Board (1961)




1. The local club sponsoring the show must be affiliated with the APS.


2. The show must be designated as a national show by the APS board of directors.


3. A national show must be open to the public for two days or more to include a weekend and close no later than 6 P.M. on the final day.


4. Entries must be accepted in clay or plastic pots. Other types of pots may be accepted to encourage entries by air express from far away members.


5. Entries from members living more than 500 miles from the show must be accepted on the morning of the show.


6. Entries in the arrangement classes should be accepted up to one hour before judging is scheduled to start.


7. The show will include, beside the individual plants for benching, a decorative section for arrangements, an educational display, and at least one planted display to show the use of the type of primula featured by the show.


8. In a national show the novice, amateur and professional entries will be judged separately.


9. Admission, except required tax, will be free to members of the APS upon display of their paid-up membership card.


10. Trophies must be engraved to include at least --APS national show, the year, the award, and the name of the winner; except when the trophy is of a material or a construction not suited to engraving. In lieu of the engraving a certificate with the same information that would be engraved on the trophy and signed by both the president of the sponsoring society and the president of the APS will be presented to the winner. The winner of any perpetual or revolving trophy will be presented a similar certificate with the trophy.


11. All primula plants in competition are to be judged as garden flowers by accredited APS judges, except show auriculas, alpine auriculas, and gold-laced polyanthus must be judged as show flowers by accredited floraculture judges.


12. Decorative displays and arrangements may be judged by the standards of the area in which the show is held.


13. Any time there are three or more entries of one type or color of primula not included on the schedule, a separate class will be created for them. A separate class may be set up for any entry not on the schedule if the show committee so desires. (This is useful when a new color break, new form or new hybrid is first exhibited.)


14. Points for figuring sweepstakes winners are: Blue ribbons = 3 points; division champion = 5 points; other special awards not division champions = 5 points; best plant of two or more divisions = 10 points; best plant in show = 15 points. Only when a tie exists will red ribbons (2nd place) be counted; then, they will be 2 points each.


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